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Last year, has not been quite a great year for any of us around the globe. The whole world has been shut for an unspecified time period and health was the only thing that people actually cared about at that point. Things went to a sudden stop, with almost no idea that when they will restart again. In amidst of this, the COVID 19 vaccine of Pfizer came as a boon for us bringing with it a ray of hope that things can be restored normal once again. I know that you are looking for someone who can take full responsibility of transporting the Pfizer vaccine for the hospitals and there is absolutely no reason that why it should not be us doing the same.

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Hi, this is Tom Hanks and I would like myself and my organisation to be considered as an effective candidate for the same. The order is to be transferred to India through the international borders for usage in India. Canada has always been among the five statutes that have been authorizing the trade and the economic sanctions through the implications of the significant acts and these are the United Nations Act, criminal code, Special Economic measures act. Additionally the Trade Policy is based on three of the reinforcing priorities- trade diversification, inclusive trade and the multilateral trading systems. We have a great idea of all of these factors and we have a team of 6 people and all of them are quite experts in this field. Now I would like to discuss the plan that we would follow:

1st stage- we all know that the first stage is always the export haulage. In this stage, we will export the products from your hub to our export unit. The whole process will be supervised by John who is quite expert in this field. Additionally, the COVID 19 vaccines need to be maintained at a much lower temperature and hence steps need to be taken for ensuring that the temperature of the container never increases and the vaccine reaches us as soon as possible.

2nd stage- In the origin handling, we will transfer these goods to our transport cargos, this needs to be a done a little fast considering the emergency of the vaccines at this point of time. For transferring we will be transported through the creation of cold storage chains Care should be taken for ensuring that at no point of the cold chain the temperature rises above -60 degree Celsius. I and Michael will personally look into these so that the vaccine do not get delayed at any point due  to this cold storage. We are planning to begin the overall process in the afternoon so that the papers and all other formalities can be completed within that night and the vaccines can be transferred to the flight that night only

3rd stage- the third stage will be looked after by Bruce and of course all of us will be there. Bruce is quite an expert with the custom papers and moreover since this is a health emergency situations, so the complications in the customs department won’t be quite high as expected. We are expecting to get easy clearance, of course I would request Pfizer to provide all of the appropriate papers. We expect to get this export custom clearance quite fast. Additionally the government of the country have been allowing the import and the export of the COVID 19 vaccines through the international borders without imposing much o the limitations and it has also allowed the speedy passage of the vaccines considering the importance of these in the current situations.

4th stage- the fourth stage is of course the stage of the destination handling. We have a partnership with FedEx one of the best players in this field. Additionally it has also transported the vaccines to other parts of the world, hence FedEx already have a great idea as to how the things can be done and why and how can the cold storage chains be maintained. Hence your vaccine will always be in safe hands throughout.

5th stage- the next stage is the import haulage and this identifies the stage which your freight will be ready for flight and its arrival at Delhi (India) and then through the respective city of your choice and this will be carried out with the help of FedEx.

Additionally quality and the timely delivery of the services have always been our prime motto. I have completed my graduation from one of the leading B schools in the country and we all know the hardship and the dedications we will be following throughout. I have a team of people who are quite confident and have some of the great idea in the respective field and the responsibilities that will be given to them.  In my college days, I have been quite active throughout and have also participated in a lot of events and activities. One of the most significant I would like to mention was during the annual fest, when there was a sudden emergency of resources. Having no other alternate options available, I took the responsibility of transporting these goods to the campus and the goods were too much fragile – hence you know how much careful I had to be throughout. Peoples applauded by efforts, but I have always felt that without my team this would never been possible and my current team is also the same people who have helped me that day.

I feel that when you have a group of good people to work with, there is almost no need for any change in the groups and hence search for new mates again. We have an excellent team co ordination and we work in complete sync- something that is extremely essential for the  type of industry that we deal with. We have complete trust on each other, we have an idea on each other’s capabilities, we are confident and we have complete idea of what we are doing.

We are just some of the college pass-outs, hence we have that thirst among ourselves, the thirst to be the best in whatever we are doing, the thirst to prove ourselves make our own mark in the field. Yes , there are of course some of the things that we do not and hence you may be al little worried about the quality of work that we can provide and also you may question our credibility as we are fresher’s in the field. But sir, we are fresher in this field only if we scale this in terms of professional years, but all of us have been doing this for years, in home in college wherever needed. We are energetic and we have no issues in learning if we are wrong, hence trusting us will of course be a great opportunity to give us a chance to prove ourselves. I don’t think it will be greatly wrong to try something new in the field and that is a commitment from our side that you will not be disappointed not even to the least.

Team Report

  1. Our team comprises of the following members all of them graduates from the Centennial College

  2. Tom Hanks- Global and International Business Management

  3. Bruce Lane- International Logistics Management

  4. John Wayne- International Logistics Management

  5. Michael Rogers- Global and International Business Management

Additionally we also  have a proper corporate tie up with National Bank of Canada for providing loans, so that we can enhance the quality of the business as and when needed. All of my team mates have an idea regarding the International laws on  crossing borders in freight control and hence hard work, passion about work,  hard work is something that can always be expected from us at all conditions.

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